Malawi Youth Conference

March 29 - April 9th @ Timothy Harvest Ministries

A small team from White Stone will depart on a journey to Malawi, Africa to help lead a Youth Conference at Timothy Harvest Ministries. The team of 3 is made up by Brian Grainger, Jake Andrus & Ed Schmit. The goal of the Malawi Youth Conference is to teach and share God's word to 125-200 Christian & Muslim African youth. This is the very first Malawi Africa/Timothy Harvest Ministries (THM) Youth Conference and White Stone is so excited to have the chance to be a part of it! The youth at the conference will be staying in tents for the week at the Bethel Training Center as well as being fed 3 meals a day. The Theme of the conference is 2 Corinthians 3:18 Transformation through Jesus Christ & a Changed Life. The focus for the 2018 conference will be on what disciplines are needed to achieve the Life Transformation that Jesus offers. The youth program at THM started in 2014 and has grown from only a few youths showing up for Bible study to over 60! 

The total cost of the trip is $23,000 which includes travel for the White Stone team, 3 meals a day for 125-200 youth, salary’s for the THM Staff, transportation, fuel, stationary, clean water, study supplies and much more. The team from White Stone and the THM staff asks for your help through prayer as well as your financial support. 

To Help financially support the Malawi Youth Conference & the team members from White Stone, please click the orange button below (or click here) and choose "Malawi - Youth Conference + Trip." 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!