*September 2018 update

“Hearing from God” Building Initiative

White Stone is closing in on the first celebration marker of the “Hearing from God” building initiative. Less than $100,000 of debt remains!

A huge thank you goes to everyone who has helped the church approach this milestone. Eliminating existing debt will “clear the path” to start raising funds to expand God’s building.

This has not been an easy task. For many years—sometimes by choice, sometimes out of necessity—only interest was paid on this debt. As a result, the mortgage balance stayed close to a million dollars for years. Largely because God’s chose to grow White Stone and increase the generosity of this church family, the debt started to be reduced a few years back. But as recently as a year-and-a-half ago we owed about $600,000 and just three months ago when the “Hearing from God” building initiative was kicked off the mortgage balance was about $320,000.

This is remarkable progress, but the goal hasn’t been met yet. If you feel God prompting you to help with the building initiative, please be obedient.

Extending God's Kingdom...

and His building, too

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We are asking you to pray and ask God how you should help financially with this project and

when. Then, simply be obedient. Whenever a fund raising goal is reached we will know that

collectively, as a church body, we have heard from God. We can then move forward with

this building project with complete confidence it is in alignment with His plan for White


Selling land

God has blessed White Stone with nearly 53 acres in an area that is seeing quite a bit of

development. This is God’s land and the elders are diligently trying to discern how our Lord

wants us to utilize this valuable asset. If an attractive offer-to-buy land comes forth, the

church’s by-laws require the sale to receive approval by two-thirds of voting members

before it can be completed. All money generated from any sale of God’s land will be used to

expand His building.


Although scripture warns against excessive debt, it does not forbid responsible borrowing.

Based on the church’s current financial position, projected increases in the operating

budget and conservative expectations of attendance growth after the completion of the

building project, the finance committee believes up to $2.5 million of debt is manageable

for White Stone. To help service debt and serve the community, the church will explore

opportunities to rent space for a daycare/preschool and special events.


Action Triggers

As we raise funds through a combination of donations and a land sale…

1. Elimination of current debt --> burn the mortgage

2. $750,000 raised --> Pastor Luke shaves off his beard

3. $1.5 million raised --> architectural firm selected to finalize design and prepare

construction documents

4. $2 million raised --> general contractor selected

5. $2.5 million raised --> break ground for 20,500 square foot addition

6. $3 million raised --> celebrate God’s provision because the fund raising goal will have

been reached

7. Completion of addition --> remodel upstairs and café of existing building

8. When finances allow --> add 2nd floor to current sanctuary


(overview of master plan)

-A budget of $5.5 million has been established. This includes paying off all existing debt ($320,000), construct of a new addition of about 20,500 square feet ($5 million) and remodeling the upstairs and café area of the current building ($180,000).

-A plan to extend the 2nd floor of the current building over sanctuary is not included in the $5 million budget. That will be the next phase of the master plan for the White Stone building. 


(floor plan of building)

-Pray that God’s will be done and the White Stone family will remain unified throughout

the fund raising and building process.

-Ask God how you should help financially with this project and follow the Holy Spirit’s


-Checks can be placed in one of the offering boxes in the hallway. Please write “Hearing

from God” or "building fund" on the memo line. You can also donate to the building fund

safely online by clicking here and selecting "Building Fund" in the allocation drop-down box. 

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