The information below highlights all the ways God is working in our midst as we expand His Kingdom and his building.


White Stone is ready to move to the next phase of the “Hearing from God” building initiative. We’re calling this phase “Preparing for the Harvest” because we believe God will use a larger building that better fits the needs of our growing church to “harvest” more disciples of Jesus. Remember, White Stone’s mission is, “To make disciples who understand, live and extend the kingdom of God.”

Since the launch of the “Hearing from God” initiative in the summer of 2018, the church’s mortgage has been paid off, the current building has been extensively remodeled and we are continuing to raise funds. God’s not done yet!

The Heart of White Stone Gala Dinner & Auction

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Heart of White Stone Gala Dinner and Auction possible! What a fun evening celebrating what God has done and IS doing in our midst. $37,600 was raised for the building expansion project!

This was a church family effort and we acknowledge all the hours of help of so many of you--from securing and donating auction items, decorating, and ironing tablecloths, to purchasing tickets, serving the meal, and bidding on items. Thank you for all the ways you were generous!

May God bless these efforts and multiply our offering as we prepare for the harvest and disciple ourselves after Him.

Celebrating His goodness!



As you are probably aware, White Stone has been developing a plan to expand our existing building to accommodate future growth. What you might not be aware of is all the groundwork God has already put in place for this project.

When the church’s founding pastor, Gary Rohrmayer, and the leadership team at that time first walked this beautiful property more than 25 years ago, they saw the great potential to extend God’s Kingdom in the Lake Country area from this location. A lot has changed over the past 25 years. The church has seen ups and down. But the vision has remained the same. Now, from the vantage point of 2021, it is obvious God has been preparing this property and White Stone church to have a great influence for His Kingdom for generations to come.

Thanks to God’s leadings and your generosity, White Stone is well positioned to move forward with this major expansion project. Even after selling 11 acres to Hope Church, we still have nearly 42 acres. We also have a building that was extensively remodeled a couple years ago. All without a mortgage.

Since launching the “Hearing from God” initiative 3 years ago we have not only eliminated all debt, $4million has gone into the building fund. Furthermore, based on current giving the church’s finance committee is convinced we can easily service a $3 million mortgage. This means our God has already put together more than 80% of the financial package needed to move forward with the expansion project. But we still need to raise about $1.2 million.

We are also thankful God for His guidance and provision throughout the COVID pandemic. The church’s cash flow has remained very positive. And, if you combine in-person attendance with live stream viewership, White Stone is a larger church than a year ago. With major crowding issues during some services, especially in children classrooms, the need for a larger facility has become critical.

Friends, this is a watershed season for White Stone Community Church. God has been preparing this church for this time for more than two decades. It’s time for each of us to step up! As has been true throughout the “Hearing from God” initiative, we request that you pray and ask God how you should particulate…and then be obedient.


September 2022 Update:

God continues to bless White Stone in many ways, including the donation of more than $2.2M to the building expansion project in the past year, pushing the funds raised to date above $4.2M. Thank you White Stone family for your generosity.

At the Family Meeting on August 29, we discussed how extreme inflation has forced the building team to increase the budget for this project by nearly $2M. It may seem like a lot of money to raise, but nothing is impossible with God. We are confident that through a combination of cost reductions and additional giving, God’s perfect timing to expand His church will be revealed.

Please continue praying about how you can give and help reach this goal and simply be obedient to the Lord’s leadings. For more details, listen to the live stream of the meeting by clicking here.

As of September 15, the total cost of the project is $9.6M
Funds raised to date $4.2M
Funds yet to be raised $2.4M
Funds that could be borrowed $3.0M



May 2022 $4.19M in building fund

July 2021 Fund-raising goal of $4.8M set

July 2021 Expansion plan unveiled at congregation meeting

July 2021 $1.95M in building fund

March 2021 Design committee hires architect and general contractor

January 2021 $1.85M in building fund

April 2020 land sale to Hope Church completed

March 2020 COVID restrictions began; design process put on hold

January 2020 $1.1M in building fund

Summer 2019 Remodeling project completed and paid for

December 2018 Burned mortgage

June 2018 “Hearing from God” initiative launched


We’re simply asking you to pray and be obedient to the leadings God gives you and your family.

There are obviously financial needs that must be satisfied before the church can move forward with this building expansion project. We believe that if the entire White Stone family sincerely tries to listen to God…and follows His directions…the monetary need will be met in His perfect timing. Again, all we ask is that you pray and be obedient to how you feel God is leading you. Click here if you are interested in contributing financially to the building fund. 

Providing financial resources is not the only way you can help. As the church rebounds from COVID and positions itself for additional growth, there are many volunteer opportunities. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” God’s Kingdom needs you as together we prepare for the harvest. Please contact the church office ( to learn about the most pressing needs for volunteers.