The focus of White Stone Community Church is discipleship. Throughout the fall and winter months, we offer discipleship training that focuses on the Great Commission—making sure we are disciples of Jesus Christ and learning how to obey all that He commanded. At White Stone, we have divided up the training classes into three phases.

This is an amazing opportunity not only to learn how to live life in God’s Kingdom but also to get to know other brothers and sisters at White Stone. Everyone is encouraged to take part. This six week class meets from October-November and from February–April. Registration will be listed in the bulletin and on our event registration page.

Phase 1 is a 8-week intensive introduction to discipleship and understanding what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus.

Classes are held regularly October – November and February – April.  Registration begins mid-August and mid-December and is announced in the bulletin and on our Events page.

Discipleship Phase 1 is a requirement of membership at White Stone. See more info on our Membership page.

Discipleship Phase 2, a 10-week class that explores what it means to be immersed into the Triune God. It explores the roles of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and what it means to be baptized into and live connected to our source.

Discipleship Phase 2 is held February – April each year. Registration begins in December and is announced in the bulletin and on our Events page.

The Phase 1 class is a prerequisite for Phase 2.

Discipleship Phase 3 focuses intently on obeying the commands of Jesus. We take one command and train for it in a 6-week intensive course. We practice living out our apprenticeship as a disciple in our areas of influence and extending the kingdom of God.

Phase 3 classes vary each year and focus on the commands of Jesus including: Bless Those That Curse You, Do Not Worry, and Store Up Treasure in Heaven.

The Phase 1 and Phase 2 classes are a prerequisite for Phase 3.