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What does SCRIPTURE say about God's Sovereignty over All Things, Including Evil, Yet with Man's Free Will, and the Two Types of 'GOD's Will': 1. His Perfect Law/Nature, and 2. His Perfect Plan

AMERICA: The Founders' Beliefs, & Ours

Many question whether our nation was founded on Christian principles. What does history say? What does the Bible say? Pastor Josh Watson looks at the historical EVENTS, key FOUNDERS, and official MANUSCRIPTS to see if they align with GOD's Word.

The IMPORTANCE of Scripture

It is impossible to overstate the Importance of SCRIPTURE in the salvation and daily growth of a believer. Please listen to this special class as Pat Walsh gives you a new appreciation and passion for GOD's Word.

The Law & Christians

This adult class was taught by Pastor Josh Watson at White Stone in November, 2021.


The LOGIC of GOD adult class is a 4-part class and was taught by Pastor Josh Watson in May, 2021.


This class was created by Pastor Josh in Fall of 2020. There are 23 total class videos.

Christianity vs Other Religions

Christianity vs Other Religions is a 8-part class was taught by Pastor Josh Watson and took place in April, 2022.


Roughly a third of all Jesus' teaching in the Gospels is in the form of a parable. Pastor Josh explains why Jesus taught so much in Parables as well as what the parables meant.


Proverbs is a 5-part class was taught by Ben Morrison and took place in the summer of 2022.

Biblical Help for PARENTING

Parenting isn't easy. Every age and child have their own challenges. Thankfully, the BIBLE offers far more help than most people realize. And since parenting is a life-long stewardship, it's never too late to benefit from the help offered in GOD's Word. Pastor Josh Watson hosts a class and discussion on a Biblical approach to PARENTING.

CURSES: What Should We Believe?

The word 'curse' appears many times in the Bible, yet there's much confusion as to what it meant then and what we should believe about it today. Join Pastor Josh Watson in looking up what Scripture says about CURSES.

NAVIGATING a Balanced Life

EVANGELISM In Your Every Day Life

Come study Matthew 9:35-10:1 with our summer intern NOAH MEISSNER! He will focus on the plentiful harvest and how we respond through EVANGELISM in our every day life.

What's Going on in Israel?

This 3-part Adult Class was taught in August 2021 by Pastor Josh Watson.


This class was created by Pastor Josh in Fall of 2020. There are six total class videos.

JESUS In The Old Testament

Learn the 5 sections of the Old Testament and how it's all about Jesus!