Week 6 (10/15023) Gracious

1. Read and meditate on Psalm 103:8-10. Plug your name into the verse as the recipient.
2. Journal any instances that come to mind when God demonstrated His compassion, His graciousness, and His being slow to anger in your life. Thank Him for it.
3. Based on the Hebrew meaning of the word KHEN, try to write out a definition for the word “gracious” that speaks to us in our current culture. Send your definition to Luke at luke@mywhitestone.org

Week 5 (10/8/23) Longsuffering Part 2

1. In your journal, go through the circles of your kingdom and think about those relationships in which longsuffering is very difficult. Journal why you think that is the case.
2. Purposefully spend time with those people and do it with the Holy Spirit. Ask the Spirit to lead you and guide you in your interactions with them.
3. If they offend you or hurt you, ask the Spirit what to do and how to respond and journal these interactions.

Week 4 (10/1/2023) - Longsuffering

1. Evaluate your own life. What sins in your life have you turned a blind eye to simply because of the longsuffering of our God?
2. Take some time to meditate on how these sins grieve your heavenly Father. Allow yourself to feel the pain He feels.
3. Confess them and receive your compassionate God’s forgiveness.
4. By the power of the Holy Spirit begin systematically eradicating these sins from your life.

Week 3 (9/24/2023) - Forgiveness, Part 2

1. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anyone in your life that you have not forgiven. When He reveals the person/persons write them down in your journal.
2. Without delay, start releasing the anger stored up in your heart towards them. Let God lift that anger from you.
3. Write out a prayer of forgiveness towards that person and pray it out loud, asking God to not hold their sins against them.

Week 2 (9/17/2023) - Forgiveness

1. Find someone you trust and confess your ugly hidden sin that you have been hiding and ashamed of for so long.
2. Ask that person to pray with you and ask God to wash His forgiveness over you in a way that you feel and experience it. (Keep this confidential.)
3. Write out a letter of thankfulness to God for His forgiveness.

Week 1 (9/10/2023) - Introduction to the Series