White Stone is ready to move to the next phase of the “Hearing from God” building initiative. We’re

calling this phase “Preparing for the Harvest” because we believe God will use a larger building that

better fits the needs of our growing church to “harvest” more disciples of Jesus. Remember, White

Stone’s mission is, “To make disciples who understand, live and extend the kingdom of God.”

Since the launch of the “Hearing from God” initiative in the summer of 2018, the church’s mortgage has been paid off, the current building has been extensively remodeled and nearly $2 million has gone into the building fund. And God’s not done yet!!!

The building design committee has worked with Thrive Architects to develop a plan that fits White

Stone’s immediate needs and allows for future growth. While a worship room with more seats is

included in the design, the top priorities were a larger and more secure children’s ministry area and

multiple gathering spaces where community can take place. Please go to the “Building Design” tab to

see the concept.

The next steps are to refine both the interior and exterior designs, continue cost discovery, develop an

overall site plan and start the approval process with the village of Summit.

Fund raising will be a major piece in determining when construction will start. A budget for the entire

project will be set soon. At that point, we will start to provide progress reports showing how far we have to go.