At White Stone we desire to offer classes on a wide array of topics so that each disciple of Christ can better understand the kingdom of God and the world we live in. Hopefully then, we can then be better prepared extend God's truth to those around us. Please feel welcome to attend these classes at White Stone, as well as to listen to and research the classes below as a resource.

The book of EPHESIANS is filled with amazing Truths that every Christian should be familiar with:  GOD's Plan from Eternity Past, All the Spiritual Blessings we Inherit, What Biblical Prayer is, Grace & Faith Perfectly Defined, GOD's People & Unity, The Gospel 'Mystery', Our New Life made Simple, All about Relationships, and The Armor of GOD.  Pastor Josh Watson will be teaching in the Adult Classroom on Sundays, 2nd Service, Oct. 4th - Nov. 8th.  Don't Miss It! 


Contact Pastor Josh Watson with any questions. 

Adult Classes

Adult Classes and resources are available here to listen to and download. Click on "Share" to share with your friends on social media. To download Class Audio or a Class Handout, please click on Resources & then right click on Download this Media or Class Handout & choose to Save link As.


Adult Class Audio Archive

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The Simple Bible Course

The Simple Bible Course is composed of 24 fifteen-minute audio lessons that give an easy-to-understand outline of the entire Bible. The purpose of the course is to give people a basic knowledge of the Bible, while encouraging them to fill in the gaps with their own study and reading. 

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